Rendering Product Placement

Providing example scenes files for Maya + RenderMan + Nuke in order to produce the following product image.
Download Project Here (5.06MB)

Unzip contents into your Maya projects directory. Produced using the following software versions.

  • Maya 2018.5
  • RenderMan 22.4
  • Nuke 11.2v4

Renderman + Masks

New video up on generating masks (mattes) in Renderman for Maya.

Here’s a quick script to connect up a single PxrMatteID node to many PxrMaterial nodes.

import pymel.core as pym
mynodes = (sl=True, fl=True, dag=False, ni=True)

mybxdfs = []
myhairs = []
mymatteid = []

for x in mynodes:
    if isinstance(x , (pym.nodetypes.PxrSurface, pym.nodetypes.PxrLayerSurface)):
    if isinstance(x , ( pym.nodetypes.PxrMarschnerHair)):
    if isinstance(x , (pym.nodetypes.PxrMatteID)):

if len(mymatteid) == 1:
    for b in mybxdfs:
        mymatteid[0].resultAOV.connect(b.utilityPattern[0], force=True)
    for h in myhairs:
        mymatteid[0].resultAOV.connect(h.inputAOV, force=True)        
elif len(mymatteid) != 1:
    print 'too many PxrMatteID nodes selected, just try one'


Heat Map

Useful if you ever want to better visualize data images.

Basic idea is to put the data in the red channel, normalize it between zero and one, then make sure the green and blue channel are both set to one and convert the colourspace from HSV to Linear.

Blackpoint and Whitepoint are set to the minimum and maximum samples from the render. Gain is set to 0.666667 so that the range is mapped from Red to Blue, rather than Red through to Red.

Text Values in Nuke for Wedge Renders

This is more a reminder for myself, as I can never remember the syntax for outputting values to Text nodes in Nuke.

Strength [format %0.2f [value strength]]

Often use this when doing wedge renders during lookdev. A wedge render is a render where you render several frames of the same thing but only change a few specific values to see what effect the change has.


A few things to note…

  • In this case the “strength” attribute to look up comes from a custom user knob on the same knob.
  • The format %0.2f statement is used to format the value. See the printf reference for more details.