Batch – Using ffmpeg to create DNxHD quicktimes

Recently been going over my reel footage and decided it was time to convert everything into the same format, rather than have a collection of different AVI and MOV files all with different codecs.

I decided to go with Avid DNxHD36 as it plays and edits nicely on my machine.

I’m using the following windows batch file to drag n’ drop the files I want converted onto. They then go to a folder for sorting.

@echo off
if [%1]==[] goto :eof
ffmpeg -i %1 -vf "scale=1920:1080" -vcodec dnxhd -r 23.976 -b:v 36M "d:/media/dynamic/"
if not [%1]==[] goto loop

Works pretty good, only issue is it only works for footage which is or is-supposed-to-playback-as 16:9.