Katana Macro – WillCameraCreate

A macro which creates a camera using the same field-of-view formula as Maya – allows you to setup cameras using real-world lens units and controls – primarily filmback and focallength.

Contains the following parameters.

  • name: Location of camera to create.
  • filmBackUnits: Units used for filmback (sensor size) millimetres or inches
  • focalLength: The length of the lens in millimetres.
  • horizontalAperture: The width of the filmback (sensor)

Maya doesn’t use the verticalAperture to define the field-of-view.

Download and unzip the included WillCameraCreate.macro into your $KATANA_RESOURCES location. See https://learn.foundry.com/katana/Content/ug/groups_macros_super_tools/macros.html for more details.

Tested using Katana 3.5v2