Katana Macro – WillSubdConvert

A macro which converts a polymesh into a subdmesh. Setup to work with RenderMan subdivision surfaces.

Contains the following parameters.

  • locations: mesh locations to convert
  • interpolateBoundary: how to subdivide the UV boundaries.
  • faceVaryingInterpolateBoundary: how to subdivide the UV interiors.
  • faceVaryingPropagateCorners: an additional option when interpolateBoundary is set to “edge and corner crease” mode.
  • deleteNormals: delete any surface normals. Normally recommended.

More information on Subdivision Surfaces can be found on Pixar’s documentation for OpenSubdiv. http://graphics.pixar.com/opensubdiv/docs/subdivision_surfaces.html#schemes-and-options

Download and unzip the included WillSubdConvert.macro into your $KATANA_RESOURCES location. See https://learn.foundry.com/katana/Content/ug/groups_macros_super_tools/macros.html for more details.

Tested using Katana 3.5v2